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Zootherapy aims to help individuals who have physical, psychological and socio-affective difficulties. Well-being is enhanced through a zootherapeutic relationship assisted by affectionate animals that do not judge. Zootherapy is multidisciplinary and can complement conventional therapies. It is therefore an alternative therapeutic solution.

Zootherapy takes into account the person as a whole. It is based on the principle that that all human beings can progress and realize their full potential. The purpose of zootherapy is to guide the individual toward the identification of internal resources to move them towards self-actualization. In addition, self-expression is considered in all its forms through several creative activities, such as focusing on the present moment and participating in a variety of games.

Non-judgment, unconditional love, and the emotional link between the individual and the animal stimulates personal development as well as contributes to the individual’s growth process and well-being. Synergy between the zootherapist, the individual and the animal helps create a zootherapeutic alliance, which leads to self-awareness and openness to change.